The technology question in feminism: A view from feminist technology studies

  title={The technology question in feminism: A view from feminist technology studies},
  author={Wendy Faulkner},
  journal={Womens Studies International Forum},
  • W. Faulkner
  • Published 2001
  • Sociology, Art
  • Womens Studies International Forum

Queering feminist technology studies

This article argues that the influence of heteronormativity on the conceptualization of women and technology in feminist constructivist technology studies creates serious problems for the analysis.

Feminist Theories of Technology

Feminist theories of technology have come a long way over the last quarter of a century. The expanding engagement at the intersection of feminist scholarship and science and technology studies (STS)


This paper situates current discussions of women's position in ICTs in the wider context of feminist debates on gender and technology. While a common trend among early feminist theorists was a

Gender, Technology, and the Designer’s Work: A Feminist Review

Abstract This article presents a critical review of the feminist design studies that have been concerned with women’s disadvantaged position in technology-related fields of design. It explores these

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The praxis-oriented interdisciplinary field of feminist technology studies (FTS) has done most among the social sciences to build a vibrant and coherent school of gender and technology studies. Given

The Intersection of Gender, Race and Cultural Boundaries, or Why is Computer Science in Malaysia Dominated by Women?

This paper reports an investigation on how and why computer science in Malaysia is dominated by women. Inspired by recent critical interventions in gender and technology studies, the paper aims to

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This article examines second wave and post-second wave feminist writing about the possibilities of (contemporaneously) new information and communication technologies. A number of texts by key

What Is Feminist Philosophy of Technology? A Critical Overview and a Plea for a Feminist Technoscientific Utopia

  • J. Loh
  • Economics, Sociology
    Techno:Phil – Aktuelle Herausforderungen der Technikphilosophie
  • 2019
Since the beginning of the so-called second wave feminism (in the middle of the 20th century), there has been a growing awareness of the urgency of a critical reflection on technics and science

Through the Black Mirror: Discourses on gender and technology in popular culture

_Technology’s place in society is increasingly significant and debated. Although the inclusion of gender in discussions about technology is not novel, striking examples such as sexism (and racism)

When gender, colonialism, and technology matter in a journalism startup

This article is based on an ethnographic study of a women-led journalism startup, identified as a digital and data innovator in North America. Studies of journalism startups have generally focused on



Reflections on Gender and Technology Studies:

This Comment reflects upon the relationship between gender and technology, and how it has been theorized in recent decades. I argue that while feminist approaches have had considerable influence on

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This article explores possibilities for establishing dialogues between feminism and constructivism in the field of technology studies. Based on an overview of Norwegian feminist debates about

The Power and the Pleasure? A Research Agenda for “Making Gender Stick” to Engineers

This article seeks to open up a new avenue for feminist technology studies—gender-aware research on engineers and engineering practice—on the grounds that engineers are powerful symbols of the

The Gender-Technology Relation

Part One Theoretical Developments in the Gender-Technology Relationship: Feminist Sociology and Methodology: Leaky Black Boxes in Gender/Technology Relations On Some Failures of Nerve in

Love, power, and knowledge : towards a feminist transformation of the sciences

..". absolutely splendid... the style is elegant, eloquent, and witty. Rose has a unique voice in the increasingly important feminist science and epistemology discussions. A superb accomplishment."

Dualisms, Hierarchies and Gender in Engineering

There seems to be a general penchant for dichotomous styles of thought in engineering, in which hierarchies and gender are often evident - both symbolically and organizationally. This paper explores

The Social Shaping of Technology

Technological change is often seen as something that follows its own logic - something we may welcome, or about which we may protest, but which we are unable to alter fundamentally. This reader

The Shoulders We Stand On and the View from Here: Historiography and Directions for Research

Our approaches to "gender and technology" are unabashedly interdisciplinary. Scholars studying technology and scholars explicating gender systems have provided us with a versatile set of tools for

Genderization of Technology among Norwegian Engineering Students

This paper discusses the phenomenon of genderized technology. A model of genderized technology is outlined, identifying mechanisms of gen derization at three levels: institutional, symbolic, and