The technetium shortage

  title={The technetium shortage},
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Lessons From the Tc-99m Shortage: Implications of Substituting Tl-201 for Tc-99m Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography

In this single-center study, the use of Tl-201 during the Tc-99m shortage was associated with an increase in downstream testing, cost, and patient radiation exposure, but these findings may not be generalizable to other centers.

The thermal-mechanical analysis of targets for the high volume production of molybdenum-99 using a low-enriched uranium metal foil

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Organometallic Chemistry of Drugs Based on Technetium and Rhenium

  • R. Alberto
  • Chemistry
    Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering
  • 2021

Analysis of Mo-99 production as function of CAMOLYP reactor power

CAMOLYP or critical assembly for molly production is a nuclear reactor based on mixed uranium thorium fuels, which is currently being developed in BATAN Yogyakarta. This study aims to know how much

Automated synthesis of [68Ga]oxine, improved preparation of 68Ga-labeled erythrocytes for blood-pool imaging, and preclinical evaluation in rodents.

An updated method for the preparation of 68Ga-labeled erythrocytes and their preliminary use in rodent blood pool imaging is described and a novel automated synthesis of [68Ga]oxine using a 68Ga/68Ge generator and automated synthesis module is reported.

Optimization of imaging protocols for myocardial blood flow (MBF) quantification with 18F-flurpiridaz PET.

  • K. WiyapornC. Tocharoenchai B. Tsui
  • Biology
    Physica medica : PM : an international journal devoted to the applications of physics to medicine and biology : official journal of the Italian Association of Biomedical Physics
  • 2017

It’s about time we think about lowering radiation dose in obese patients too

Medical technology has advanced at a rapid pace, particularly, the diagnostic imaging tools relied upon daily to care for patients, and one particular struggle in reducing radiation exposure is obtaining quality images in obese patients at a lower radiation dose.

Imaging study of using radiopharmaceuticals labeled with cyclotron-produced 99mTc

The aim of the present work is to provide a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of image quality for CPTc, and to create dose-based limits of these parameters for producing clinically acceptable C PTc.

Novel approaches to target infectious diseases : the utility of Auger electrons and scFvs for imaging and control

The novel anti-LAM scFv generated in this study combined with the potential toxic effects of Auger electrons could provide a new avenue for the treatment and diagnosis of tuberculosis.

Cyclotron-based production of radioisotopes for medical imaging studies



A triple-head solid state camera for cardiac single photon emission tomography (SPECT)

The CardiusTM-3 (C-3) camera is a triple-head small field-of-view camera dedicated to cardiac SPECT imaging. It is built on Digirad's solid-state detector technology with 6mm x 6mm CsI:Tl crystals.


The current document is an update of an earlier version of single photon emission tomography guidelines that was developed by the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, and should not be used in clinical studies until they have been reviewed and approved by qualified physicians and technologists from their own particular institutions.

Prospective multicenter evaluation of rapid, gated SPECT myocardial perfusion upright imaging

Rapid, gated rest–stress myocardial perfusion upright SPECT imaging may be achieved without compromising perfusion and function information.

Breaking America's dependence on imported molybdenum.

Clinical results of a novel wide beam reconstruction method for shortening scan time of Tc-99m cardiac SPECT perfusion studies