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The taxonomic and conservation status of Chapin's Crombec Sylvietta (leucophrys) chapini

  title={The taxonomic and conservation status of Chapin's Crombec Sylvietta (leucophrys) chapini},
  author={Lincoln D. C. Fishpool and Nigel J. Collar},
Summary. Chapin’s Crombec Sylvietta leucophrys chapini is only known from three specimens collected in the 1940s on the Lendu Plateau, north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Although originally described as a species, it has since commonly been treated as a subspecies of White-browed Crombec S. leucophrys. In a number of recent works, however, it has again been recognised specifically, thus prompting this review of its status. The head of chapini is uniformly bright chestnut and lacks the… 

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