The taurine and hypotaurine content of human semen.

  title={The taurine and hypotaurine content of human semen.},
  author={Ross Philip Holmes and Harold O. Goodman and Zakariya K. Shihabi and Jonathan P. Jarow},
  journal={Journal of andrology},
  volume={13 3},
Taurine and hypotaurine levels were measured in human sperm and seminal fluid. Sperm taurine ranged from 17 nmol/mg DNA to 348 nmol/mg DNA, and hypotaurine from 0 nmol/mg DNA to 251 nmol/mg DNA. Seminal fluid contained 319 mumol/L to 1590 mumol/L of taurine, but no detectable hypotaurine. The coefficient of variation in multiple ejaculates from a single man for these components ranged from 12% for hypotaurine to 24% for seminal fluid taurine, indicating a relative constancy in their… CONTINUE READING
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