The targeting of somatic hypermutation.

  title={The targeting of somatic hypermutation.},
  author={Christopher J Jolly and Simon D Wagner and Cristina Rada and Norman Klix and C{\'e}sar Milstein and Michael Neuberger},
  journal={Seminars in immunology},
  volume={8 3},
Somatic hypermutation does not occur randomly within immunoglobulin V genes but, rather, is preferentially targeted to certain nucleotide positions (hot spots) and away from others (cold spots). Cold spots often coincide with residues essential for V gene folding. Hotspots, which appear to be strategically located to favour affinity maturation, are most frequently located in the CDRs (particularly CDR1) though conserved hotspots are also found at the base of FR3. Hotspots are in part created by… CONTINUE READING

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