The synthesis and use of the owl’s auditory space map

  title={The synthesis and use of the owl’s auditory space map},
  author={T. T. Takahashi and A. D. S. Bala and M. W. Spitzer and D. R. Euston and M. L. Spezio and C. H. Keller},
  journal={Biological Cybernetics},
The barn owl (Tyto alba) is capable of capturing prey by passive hearing alone, guided by a topographic map of auditory space in the external nucleus of its inferior colliculus. The neurons of this auditory space map have discrete spatial receptive fields that result from the computation of interaural differences in the level (ILD) and time-of-arrival (ITD) of sounds. Below we review the synthesis of the spatial receptive fields from the frequency-specific ITDs and ILDs to which the neurons are… CONTINUE READING