The synthesis and fate of glycodelin in human ovary during folliculogenesis.

  title={The synthesis and fate of glycodelin in human ovary during folliculogenesis.},
  author={Jorden Tse and Philip Chi Ngong Chiu and Kai-Fai Lee and Markku Seppala and Hannu Koistinen and Riitta A Koistinen and Yuan Q. Yao and William S. B. Yeung},
  journal={Molecular human reproduction},
  volume={8 2},
The ontogeny of glycodelin in human ovarian follicles during folliculogenesis was studied. Glycodelin immunoreactivity began to be detected in the granulosa cells and thecal cells of late secondary follicles. Immunoreactivity was also found in both the luteinized granulosa cells and cumulus cells obtained from women undergoing the assisted reproduction treatment. However, only the luteinized granulosa cells, and not the cumulus cells, expressed glycodelin mRNA. Results also showed that the… CONTINUE READING

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