The survey of medical image 3D reconstruction

  title={The survey of medical image 3D reconstruction},
  author={Li Zheng and Guang-Yao Li and Jing Sha},
  booktitle={International Conference on Photonics and Imaging in Biology and Medicine},
Medical image 3D reconstruction is an important research and application areas. A comprehensive survey is given in four aspects: the general process of medical image 3D reconstruction, image fusion, image segmentation, and 3D reconstruction algorithm. 
Prototyping an Open Source Single Plane Illumination Microscope for 3 D Histology
In this work, steps toward prototyping a SPIM based on the OpenSPIM platform were taken, with the ultimate goal of demonstrating the usefulness of 3D histology when analyzing models of OA.
Creating Textured 3D Models from Image Collections using Open Source Software
This paper uses VisualSFM which is a robust Structure from Motion software estimating the calibration parameters of all the images, and a sparse 3D point cloud and presents two alternative softwares for multi view dense stereo reconstruction (CMVS and SURE).
Reconstructing Part-Level 3D Models From a Single Image
This is the first attempt to reconstruct the 3D models with part-level representations in a unified framework with the input of the singleview images, and develops a feature enhancement encoder to incorporate discriminative local features into the feature representation.
A Switching Morphological Algorithm for Depth Map Recovery
The proposed switching morphological filter for RGB-D depth map recovery is shown to be able to fast recover depth maps and the accuracy of 3D surface reconstruction with the proposed filtering noticeably increases.
3D face recognition using depth filtering and deep convolutional neural network
The accuracy of 3D facial surface reconstruction from real RGB-D depth maps using various depth filtering algorithms is estimated and a new 3D face recognition algorithm using deep convolutional neural network is proposed.
Thermal Wave Image Reconstruction of Bonding Defects in Missile Engine Shell
Defects in the specimen of missile engine shell was detected by thermal wave image technology in this paper. In order to gain intuitionistic and accurate space structure image of the detected object,
AI in Medical Imaging Informatics: Current Challenges and Future Directions
Integrative analytics approaches driven by associate research branches highlighted in this study promise to revolutionize imaging informatics as known today across the healthcare continuum for both radiology and digital pathology applications.
Cube Kohonen Self-Organizing Map (CKSOM) Model With New Equations in Organizing Unstructured Data
  • Seng Poh Lim, H. Haron
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
  • 2013
This paper uses the Kohonen self-organizing map (KSOM) to organize unstructured data for closed surfaces and finds the number of redundancies is found to be directly proportional to the grid size.
Surface Reconstruction of Renal Corpuscle from Microscope Renal Biopsy Image Sequence


Cutting and Stereo Clipping of 3D Surface Model Reconstructed from Medical Images
In order to analyze the section of reconstructed tissues and observe the inner tissues in multi tissue reconstruction and visualization, the 3D model is cut by plane or polyhedron. Lists of edge and
Enhancement of Mammographic Features by Optimal Adaptive Neighborhood Image Processing
This procedure brings out the features in the image with little or no enhancement of the noise, and finds that adaptive Neighborhoods with surrounds whose width is a constant difference from the center yield improved enhancement over adaptive neighborhoods with a constant ratio of surround to center neighborhood widths.
A General Framework for the Fusion of Anatomical and Functional Medical Images
The whole three-step fusion process based on possibilistic logic is detailed and a new class of fusion operator is introduced, allowing for the management of uncertainty and imprecision inherent to the images.
Marching cubes: a high resolution 3D surface construction algorithm
Marching Cubes: A High Resolution 3D Surface Construc tion Algorithm and a Volumetric Method for Building Complex Models form Range Images' Computer Graphics Proceed ings.
Optimized Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP)
An improved version of the MIP algorithm that requires roughly 2%–10% of the computational effort of the brute-force, straight-forward version and conserves the image quality and requires no pre-processing is presented.
Discrete ray tracing
It is shown that RRT operates in two phases: preprocessing voxel and discrete ray tracing, which employs a discrete variation of the conventional recursive ray tracer in which 3-D discrete rays are traversed through the3-D raster to find the first surface voxels.
Multiscale contrast enhancement with applications to image fusion
Application of the nonlinear multiplication of the successive layers of a ratio of low-pass pyramid results in a contrast-enhanced image representation that is highly invariant for changes in the global gray-level characteristics of the original image.
Fuzzy Connectedness and Object Definition: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications in Image Segmentation
A theory of fuzzy objects forn-dimensional digital spaces based on a notion of fuzzy connectedness of image elements and algorithms for extracting a specified fuzzy object and for identifying all fuzzy objects present in the image data are presented.
An approach to refining three‐dimensional tetrahedral meshes based on Delaunay transformations
The proposed technique is capable of treating arbitrary unstructured tetrahedral meshes, convex or non-convex with multiple regions resulting in high quality constrained Delaunay triangulations resulting in tetrahedra generated are of high quality (nearly equilateral).
Combining visual and IR images for sensor fusion: two approaches
This paper describes and compares two different methods for combining multisensor images into single integrated pictures for visual data analysis and data exploration and suggests ways in which each might be improved and extended.