The surjectivity of the Borel mapping in the mixed setting for ultradifferentiable ramification spaces

  title={The surjectivity of the Borel mapping in the mixed setting for ultradifferentiable ramification spaces},
  author={Javier Jim'enez-Garrido and Javier Sanz and Gerhard Schindl},
  journal={Monatshefte f{\"u}r Mathematik},
We consider r -ramification ultradifferentiable classes, introduced by J. Schmets and M. Valdivia in order to study the surjectivity of the Borel map, and later on also exploited by the authors in the ultraholomorphic context. We characterize quasianalyticity in such classes, extend the results of Schmets and Valdivia about the image of the Borel map in a mixed ultradifferentiable setting, and obtain a version of the Whitney extension theorem in this framework. 
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