The surface-associated surfactant reservoir in the alveolar lining.

  title={The surface-associated surfactant reservoir in the alveolar lining.},
  author={Samuel Sch{\"u}rch and R Qanbar and Hansheinrich Bachofen and Fred Possmayer},
  journal={Biology of the neonate},
  volume={67 Suppl 1},
A small atmospheric bubble was introduced into a surfactant suspension in a captive bubble surfactometer. After film formation to the equilibrium surface tension at the bubble air-liquid interface, the bulk phase surfactant was depleted by replacing the chamber contents several times with a saline-CaCl2 solution. The remaining film adsorbed at the bubble surface was then compressed stepwise in quasi-static fashion to near zero minimum surface tension. This was followed by a series of quasi… CONTINUE READING