The super-soft source phase of the recurrent nova V3890Sgr

  title={The super-soft source phase of the recurrent nova V3890Sgr},
  author={J.‐U. Ness and Andrew P. Beardmore and Peter Bez{\'a}k and Andrej Dobrotka and Jeremy J. Drake and Bas Meulen and Julian P. Osborne and Marina Orio and Kim L. Page and C Pinto and K. P. Singh and Sumner Starrfield},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Context. The 30-year recurrent symbiotic nova V3890 Sgr exploded on 2019 August 28 and was observed with multiple X-ray telescopes. Swift and AstroSat monitoring revealed slowly declining hard X-ray emission from shocks between the nova ejecta and the stellar wind of the companion. Later, highly variable temperature. However, systematic uncertainties are high. The absorption lines in the bright SSS spectrum are blueshifted by 870 ± 10 km s − 1 before the dip and are slightly faster, 900 ± 10 km…