The super Mumford form and Sato Grassmannian

  title={The super Mumford form and Sato Grassmannian},
  author={Katherine A Maxwell},
  journal={Journal of Geometry and Physics},
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The supermoduli space of genus zero SUSY curves with Ramond punctures
We give an explicit construction of the supermoduli space $\mathfrak{M}_{0, n_R}$ of super Riemann surfaces (SUSY curves) of genus zero with $n_R \ge 4$ Ramond punctures as a quotient Deligne-Mumford


Neveu-Schwarz sheaves and differential equations for Mumford superforms
A supersymmetric generalization of the Krichever map is proposed. This map assigns injectively a point of an infinite dimensional super Grassmannian to a set of geometric data consisting of an
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Supersymmetric curves are the analogue of Riemann surfaces in super geometry. We establish some foundational results about complex Deligne-Mumford superstacks, and we then prove that the moduli
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The supermeasure whose integral is the genus $g$ vacuum amplitude of superstring theory is potentially singular on the locus in the moduli space of supercurves where the corresponding even
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The main result of this paper is the explicit computa- tion of the equations defining the moduli space of triples (C,p,�), where C is an integral and complete algebraic curve, p a smooth rational
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Superstring Scattering Amplitudes in Higher Genus
In this paper we continue the program pioneered by D’Hoker and Phong, and recently advanced by Cacciatori, Dalla Piazza, and van Geemen, of finding the chiral superstring measure by constructing