The summer penile syndrome: Seasonal acute hypersensitivity reaction caused by chigger bites on the penis

  title={The summer penile syndrome: Seasonal acute hypersensitivity reaction caused by chigger bites on the penis},
  author={Gary A. Smith and Vidya Dev Sharma and Brenda J. Shields},
  journal={Pediatric Emergency Care},
Objective To describe the seasonal acute hypersensitivity reaction of the penis due to chigger bites, known as the summer penile syndrome. Design A consecutive series of patients. Setting The emergency department of an urban academic children's hospital in the midwestern United States. Participants Male pediatric patients with an acute hypersensitivity reaction of the penis. Results Ninety-four patients were treated for summer penile syndrome during the four-month period from June through… 

Pediatric Penile Bee Sting

The probability of the development of serious local reactions and urological problems in penile bee stings is low and Oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and warm, wet dressing are usually sufficient to treat local reactions.

Urological Evidence of Tick Bites in Children

Pediatric emergency physicians should be aware of the risks associated with tick bites and accurately diagnose and initiate treatment to prevent morbidity and mortality.

Case 3: Penile Swelling in a 5-year-old Boy

Clinicians in the emergency department are examining a 5-year-old boy with a few-hours' history of penile swelling, pain with urination, and weak urine stream who was playing outdoors before the onset of symptoms and has a history of a rash consistent with chigger bites.

A case of penile swelling in a 6‐year‐old boy

A 6‐year‐old boy presented to the pediatric hospital in late spring with a 1‐day history of penile edema, and stated that he thought something may have bitten him on the penis earlier that day.

Benign penile skin anomalies in children: a primer for pediatricians

This review provides the pediatrician with a handy tool to identify the most common penile skin anomalies, counsel parents adequately, make sensible and evidence based choices for management, and recognize complications or untoward outcomes in patients undergoing surgery.

Chronic pruritus.

  • S. StänderS. Grundmann
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Giornale italiano di dermatologia e venereologia : organo ufficiale, Societa italiana di dermatologia e sifilografia
  • 2012
Management of patients with chronic pruritus needs a separate strategy that is different from therapy of the underlying disease, and the antipruritic therapy is still based on symptomatic regimens and target-specific therapies urgently needed.

Three Cases of Penile Edema in Peripubescent Males

nor painful. He could not recall any trauma, infestation, or insect bites to the area. There was no history of any recent new exposures. Physical examination revealed Tanner 1 genitalia with a

Papular urticaria and things that bite in the night

  • J. Demain
  • Medicine
    Current allergy and asthma reports
  • 2003
Although this review admittedly reaches beyond papular urticaria, it is with the intention of improving the reader’s recognition of the offending arthropods, the characteristics of reactions, and the current therapeutic approaches.

Penile angioedema in a child: A nightmare to parents!

A case of angioedema of penis in a child resulting from insect bite is reported and treated successfully with anti-histamine and leukotriene inhibitor.