The sulphur requirements of plants as evidenced by the sulphur-nitrogen ratio in the organic matter a review of published data

  title={The sulphur requirements of plants as evidenced by the sulphur-nitrogen ratio in the organic matter a review of published data},
  author={W. Dijkshoorn and A. L. van Wijk},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
From a review of published data on S- and N-fractions it has been shown that on a gram atom basis these elements occur in organic forms in a ratio ranging from 0.025 (legumes) to 0.032 (gramineous plants) and that this is the same as the S : N ratio in the proteins which constitute about 80 per cent of the organic S and N present. In plants deficient in sulphur, the ratio organic-S : organic-N becomes less than normal due to an increase in the proportion of non-protein organic-N compounds low… CONTINUE READING
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