The subversion of Eros: Dialectic, revolt, and murder in the polity of the soul

  title={The subversion of Eros: Dialectic, revolt, and murder in the polity of the soul},
  author={Sean Noah Walsh},
  journal={Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal},
  pages={221 - 236}
  • S. Walsh
  • Published 1 August 2008
  • Art
  • Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
The political is most often conceived in terms of being exterior to the individual. Yet, if capitalism represents a kind of ubiquitous horizon, one that succeeds in conforming the unrestricted desires of the individual to the burdens of `reality', as Marcuse suggests in Eros and Civilization (1966), then the political can easily constitute the interior as well. The unified self becomes the projection of an interior polity composed of conflicting interests struggling for control. In this article… 


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