The subspecies of Pelargonium cucullatum (Geraniaceae)

  title={The subspecies of Pelargonium cucullatum (Geraniaceae)},
  author={B. Volschenk and J.J.A. van der Walt and P. J. Vorster},
Pelargonium cucullatum (L.) L’Herit. is shown to consist of three infraspecific taxa, which are given subspecific ranking under the names  P. cucullatum subsp.  cucullatum , subsp. tabulare Volschenk and subsp. strigifolium Volschenk. It is also shown that P. angulosum (Mill.) L’Herit.  ( Geranium angulosum Mill.) is synonymous with P. cucullatum subsp.  cucullatum , but that the name  P. angulosum has been misapplied for many years to subsp. strigifolium. The latter was formerly known as  P… 

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