The subrenal capsule assay (SRCA) and its predictive value in oncology.

  title={The subrenal capsule assay (SRCA) and its predictive value in oncology.},
  author={Arthur E. Bogden},
  journal={Annales chirurgiae et gynaecologiae. Supplementum},
  • Arthur E. Bogden
  • Published in Annales chirurgiae et gynaecologiae. Supplementum 1985
This report has been prepared as a mini-review of the studies and data, accumulated by a number of investigators since 1978, that are relevant to the 6-day subrenal capsule assay (SRCA) as a predictive in vivo test system. Stressing the need to maintain simplicity and economy, the data reviewed are based on the use of normal, immunocompetent mice and a simple tumour size parameter for evaluating drug activity within a 6-day time frame. Both the laboratory and clinical data that are presented… CONTINUE READING