The subgingival microflora in phenytoin-induced gingival hyperplasia.

  title={The subgingival microflora in phenytoin-induced gingival hyperplasia.},
  author={Kazuko Takada and Hitoshi Sugiyama and Koji Umezawa and Junichi Mega and Masatomo Hirasawa},
  journal={Journal of periodontal research},
  volume={38 5},
OBJECTIVES Microbial flora and gingival conditions were compared between a group of patients with phenytoin-induced gingival hyperplasia as a test group, a control group of patients who were administered phenytoin without gingival hyperplasia and a blank group who took no phenytoin and no gingival hyperplasia in mentally retarded patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Subgingival plaque samples were collected from a PHT-induced overgrown gingival pocket and microbiological experiments were performed… CONTINUE READING


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