The sub-arcsecond dusty environment of Eta Carinae ⋆

  title={The sub-arcsecond dusty environment of Eta Carinae ⋆},
  author={Olivier Chesneau and Michiel Min and Tom Herbst and Laurens B. F. M. Waters and D. John Hillier and Ch. Leinert and Alex de Koter and Ilaria Pascucci and Walter Jaffe and Rainer Koehler and Carlos G. Prieto {\'A}lvarez and R. J. H. M. van Boekel and Wolfgang Brandner and Uwe Graser and A. M. Lagrange and Rainer Lenzen and S{\'e}bastien Morel and M. Clerici Schoeller},
The core of the nebula surrounding Eta Carinae has been observed with the VLT Adaptive Optics system NACO and with the interferometer VLTI/MIDI to constrain spatially and spectrally the warm dusty environment and the central object. In particular, narrow-band images at 3.74 μm and 4.05 μm reveal the butterfly shaped dusty environment close to the central star with unprecedented spatial resolution. A void whose radius corresponds to the expected sublimation radius has been discovered around the… CONTINUE READING
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The sub-arcsecond dusty environment

  • O. Chesneau
  • AJ, 113,
  • 1986

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