The study on the effectiveness for the handoff of WiMAX and ZigBee


The handoff, that is when the user move, quickly, and from within the large scope of the WIMAX into smaller and shorter range of ZIGBEE range of services, then leave the ZIGBEE range of services to another Wimax range of services. At this time the vertical short period of time will cause a number of frequently handoff times, resulting in decreased system efficiency, service quality also followed in case of fall. In the study that this is the main interest of using NS2 tool for future situations handoff, the final simulation results will advise the client mobile executive should be an opportunity to avoid the repeated. Because ZIGBEE is increasingly common situation, the costs borne by the user, or not need to cost less. If the number of times within a short time the vertical handoff frequently, it will affect the entire service, number of handoff more times greater the impact.

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