The studies of directional solidified RE-CO magnets

  title={The studies of directional solidified RE-CO magnets},
  author={Hang Fu and Xin-oai Liu and Zhengxing Shi and Le-yi Wang and Wei Tang and Chang-gui Li and Hou-ding Song},
  journal={International Magnetics Conference},
A new kind of rare-earth-cobalt material, Sm 20-24 wt.%/Ce 5-10 wt.%/Fe 8-15 wt.%/Cu 6-15 wt.%/Zr 1-3 wt.%/Co, has been made by directional solidification technology with liquid metal cooling (DSTLMC). The effects of different states, microstructures, and domains on the intrinsic coercive forces, iH/sub c/, were studied. The best magnetic properties of magnets prepared by the DSTLMC are B/sub r/=9500 Gs, iH/sub c/=5000 Oe, and (BH)/sub m/=18.0 MGOe. The magnets can be cut to 0.02 cm in… 
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