The structure of trititanate nanotubes.

  title={The structure of trititanate nanotubes.},
  author={Qiusong Chen and Guanhua Du and Zhenjun Yang and L -M Peng},
  journal={Acta crystallographica. Section B, Structural science},
  volume={58 Pt 4},
A comprehensive chemical and structural analysis is made of a new type of trititanate nanotube, which is synthesized via the reaction of TiO(2) particles with NaOH aqueous solution. It is found that the trititanate nanotubes are multi-walled scroll nanotubes with an inter-shell spacing of about 0.78 nm and an average diameter of about 9 nm. An atomic model of the nanotube is derived based on information from powder X-ray diffraction, selective-area electron diffraction, high-resolution electron… CONTINUE READING

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