The structure of tetrodotoxin

  title={The structure of tetrodotoxin},
  author={Robert Burns Woodward},
  journal={Pure and Applied Chemistry},
  pages={49 - 74}
  • R. Woodward
  • Published 1 January 1964
  • Chemistry
  • Pure and Applied Chemistry

The total structure of viomycin, a tuberculostatic peptide antibiotic

Die Struktur von Viomycin wird durch seine Zerfallseigenschaften bestimmt und das Vorhandensein von Guanidin-Carbinol sowie von Dehydroserin oder Formylglycin bestätigt.


The NMR data ofTTX analogs are listed, and the chemical modification methods for preparation of TTX probes are summarized.

Identification of Tricyclic Guanidino Compounds from the Tetrodotoxin-Bearing Newt Taricha granulosa.

MS-guided screening and nuclear magnetic resonance analyses including long-range HSQMBC are used to characterize two novel skeletal tricyclic guanidino compounds from the TTX-bearing newt, Taricha granulosa, finding the presence of these compounds in toxic newts is congruent with a previously proposed pathway for TTX biosynthesis in terrestrial organisms that includes a monoterpene precursor and the production of structurally diversified guanids.

Quinazoline alkaloids in nature

This review generalizes information on the distribution in the plant and animal kingdoms of all types of quinazoline alkaloids known at the present day.

An efficient total synthesis of optically active tetrodotoxin from levoglucosenone.

This paper has completed its second total synthesis of tetrodotoxin from a synthetic intermediate for 11-deoxytetrodot toxin, which was previously prepared from levoglucosenone as a chiral starting material in this laboratory.