The structure of anti-Gal immunoglobulin genes in naïve and stimulated Gal knockout mice.

  title={The structure of anti-Gal immunoglobulin genes in na{\"i}ve and stimulated Gal knockout mice.},
  author={Hui Xu and Amritansh Sharma and Li-hua Chen and Caren Harrison and Ying-jie Wei and Anita S Chong and John S. Logan and Guerard W Byrne},
  volume={72 11},
BACKGROUND Naturally occurring antibodies (Nabs) that bind to terminal galactose alpha1,3-galactose carbohydrate structures (Gal) are present in humans and Old World monkeys but are negatively regulated in other mammalian species because they express Gal epitopes on their cell surfaces. A Gal knockout mouse (Gal-/-) model, generated by homologous disruption of alpha1,3-galactosyltransferase gene, is capable of producing natural anti-Gal Abs. METHODS To study the genetic control of the anti… CONTINUE READING


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