The structure of 1D CuI crystals inside SWNTs.

  title={The structure of 1D CuI crystals inside SWNTs.},
  author={Nikolay A Kiselev and Ruslan M Zakalyukin and O. M. Zhigalina and Nicole Grobert and Andrei S Kumskov and Yu V Grigoriev and Marina V. Chernysheva and Artem A Eliseev and A. V. Krestinin and Yu D Tretyakov and Bert H Freitag and John L. Hutchison},
  journal={Journal of microscopy},
  volume={232 2},
Nanocomposites consisting of one-dimensional CuI crystals inside single-walled carbon nanotubes were obtained using the capillary technique. high-resolution transmission electron microscopy investigations of the atomic structure of the encapsulated 1D CuI crystals revealed two types of 1D CuI crystals with growth direction <001> and <110> relative to the bulk hexagonal CuI structure. Atomic structure models were proposed based on the high-resolution transmission electron microscopy images… CONTINUE READING