The structure and optical behaviour of iridescent opal

  title={The structure and optical behaviour of iridescent opal},
  author={Chandrasekhara Venkata Sir Raman and A. Jayaraman},
  journal={Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Section A},
  • C. Raman, A. Jayaraman
  • Published 1953
  • Materials Science
  • Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Section A
SummaryThe X-ray investigation of the structure of the cryptocrystalline hyalites reported in an earlier paper has now been revised using cameras of higher resolving power. Precise measurements of the resulting photographs reveal that low-tridymite and high-cristobalite are present associated with each other in this material. Investigation of the structure of common opal exhibiting a waxy lustre leads to similar results. From a detailed examination of the diffuse X-ray patterns given by gem… 
Common gem opal: An investigation of micro- to nano-structure
Abstract The microstructure of nearly 200 common gem opal-A and opal-CT samples from worldwide localities was investigated using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). These opals do not show
Fibrous Noble Opals: Electron and Atomic-Force Microscopy and Spectrometry Data
The work deals with results of study of hydrothermal noble opals. It has been established that hydrothermal opals are composed of multiple clusters: chaotic packs, fibers and grid layers. An effect