The structure and functions of the HAP1/Ref-1 protein.

  title={The structure and functions of the HAP1/Ref-1 protein.},
  author={Dominic G Rothwell and Gil Barzilay and Michael A. Gorman and Solange Mor{\'e}ra and Paul S. Freemont and Ian D. Hickson},
  journal={Oncology research},
  volume={9 6-7},
The HAP1/Ref-1 (hereafter referred to as HAP1) protein is a nuclear enzyme that apparently performs two distinct roles in the cellular defense against oxidative stress. One well-established role is in the repair of a variety of lesions induced in DNA either by spontaneous hydrolysis or by reactive oxygen species (ROS). This function has been characterized in great detail and the roles played by individual active site amino acid residues have been defined. The second role, which was identified… CONTINUE READING