The structure and function of frataxin.

  title={The structure and function of frataxin.},
  author={Krisztina Z Bencze and Kalyan C. Kondapalli and Jeremy D. Cook and Stephen McMahon and C{\'e}sar Mill{\'a}n-Pacheco and Nina Pastor and Timothy L. Stemmler},
  journal={Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology},
  volume={41 5},
Frataxin, a highly conserved protein found in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, is required for efficient regulation of cellular iron homeostasis. Humans with a frataxin deficiency have the cardio- and neurodegenerative disorder Friedreich's ataxia, commonly resulting from a GAA trinucleotide repeat expansion in the frataxin gene. While frataxin's specific function remains a point of controversy, the general consensus is that the protein assists in controlling cellular iron homeostasis by directly… CONTINUE READING
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