The structural gene for aldolase B (ALDB) maps to 9q13→32

  title={The structural gene for aldolase B (ALDB) maps to 9q13→32},
  author={I. Henry and P. Gallano and C. Besmond and D. Weil and M. Mattei and C. Turleau and J. Bou{\'e} and A. Kahn and C. Junien},
  journal={Annals of Human Genetics},
We used a cloned cDNA probe for the B subunit of human aldolase (ALDB) and Southern blotting techniques to analyse DNA from a series of rodent x human somatic cell hybrids for the presence of specific ALDB‐related sequences. Our results provide evidence for the assignment of the gene for ALDB to chromosome 9. Moreover, by direct gene dosage determination in two patients with chromosome 9 unbalanced rearrangements and by in situ hybridization we refined the regional chromosomal assignment to… Expand
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