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The stricken land

  title={The stricken land},
  author={Rexford Guy Tugwell},
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Rexford Guy Tugwell: Initiator of America's Greenbelt New Towns, 1935 to 1936
Abstract Between 1935 and 1936, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) initiated a public housing program that resulted in the construction of planned new communities called Greenbelt
The Rise and Fall of Puerto Rico as a Social Laboratory, 1945–1965
Before the 1940s Puerto Rico was an obscure possession for most American social scientists, as indeed it was for most United States citizens. Conquered in the Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico was
In the 1940s, when the Governor of Puerto Rico was appointed by the US President and the Puerto Rican government was answerable only to the US Federal government, a large state-owned enterprise (SOE)
Arrested Development? Puerto Rico in an American Century
  • J. Devereux
  • Economics
    The Journal of Economic History
  • 2019
Puerto Rico became an American colony in 1898, achieving self-rule after the Great Depression. The standard view is that Puerto Rican living standards stagnated before the policy changes of the New
Revisiting the Transatlantic Triangle: The Decolonisation of the British Caribbean in Light of the Anglo-American Special Relationship
The international collapse in the price of sugar, together with increasing immigration restrictions in the late 1920s and 1930s, produced great pressure on wages and employment throughout the British
The first privatisation policy in Latin America: selling state-owned enterprises in 1948-1950 Puerto Rico*
  • G. Bel
  • Economics
    Revista de Historia Económica / Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History
  • 2011
Abstract In the 1940s, when the governor of Puerto Rico was still appointed by the U.S. president, a large state-owned enterprise (SOE) sector was established. Later, in 1948-1950, the island's first
Explaining institutional innovation : case studies from Latin America and East Asia
Many believe that economic development is primarily a function of institutions that help societies reap potential gains from interdependent actors. The norms, rules, and organizations that "govern"
Democratización y autonomía en la Universidad de Puerto Rico: Mito y realidad.
In 1953, on the fiftieth anniversary of the University of Puerto Rico, Provost Jaime Benitez, pointed out in his commemoration speech three areas: the University’s origin, its democratization, and
Tugvuell's Appraisal of F.D.R
INCE 1921 Tugwelf has written sixteen books, has co-authored, edited, or contributed to fifteen others, and has published more than two hundred articles. He has written voluminously, especially since