The strangest proton?

  title={The strangest proton?},
  author={F. Faura and Shayan Iranipour and Emanuele R. Nocera and Juan Rojo and Maria Ubiali},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
We present an improved determination of the strange quark and antiquark parton distribution functions of the proton by means of a global QCD analysis that takes into account a comprehensive set of strangeness-sensitive measurements: charm-tagged cross sections for fixed-target neutrino–nucleus deep-inelastic scattering, and cross sections for inclusive gauge-boson production and W-boson production in association with light jets or charm quarks at hadron colliders. Our analysis is accurate to… 
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Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy model has been used repeatedly to treat depression and anxiety. The case presented here is a 34-year-old female law student with an adjustment disorder with mixed
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Determination of the strange-quark density of the proton from ATLAS measurements of the W→ℓν and Z→ℓℓ cross sections.
A QCD analysis is reported of ATLAS data on inclusive W(±) and Z boson production in pp collisions at the LHC, jointly with ep deep-inelastic scattering data from HERA, which support the hypothesis of a symmetric composition of the light quark sea at low x.
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