The story of permanent/durable book paper, 1115-1970

  title={The story of permanent/durable book paper, 1115-1970},
  author={Verner W. Clapp},
Litera scripta manet. That the written word endures may be assumed to be an article of faith with all whose interests meet in the pages of this journal. The fact is, however, that by itself the written word has no claims to permanence. For this it is wholly dependent upon the substratum upon which it is inscribed. Through the centuries the substratum has taken many forms the face of a clifT, a marble shaft, or a tablet of clay; a papyrus scroll or an animal skin; a bronze plaque or a sheet of… Expand
A Review of Paper Quality and Paper Chemistry
HANDMADE PAPER OF THE Middle Ages and earlier, housed in the rare book rooms of libraries, is often in excellent condition. The machinemade paper of the last 150 years, in the general collection, isExpand
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s abandoned. Nature 234 1971: 167. LLOYD, J. J. Geological abstracts. Ibid. 235 1972: 347. CLAYTON, K. M. Geological abstracts. Ibid. 236 1972: 127-128. AMERICAN GEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE. A concept of anExpand
A limited comparison of ultraviolet curing and convection drying on paper permanence
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Paper--permanence and durability.
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Chemical Degradation of Cellulose in Paper over 500 Years
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