The storage life of chilled pork packaged under carbon dioxide.

  title={The storage life of chilled pork packaged under carbon dioxide.},
  author={Colin O Gill and Joanne C Harrison},
  journal={Meat science},
  volume={26 4},
Pork cuts of longissimus dorsi muscle with overlaying fat and skin were packed under vacuum in film of low oxygen transmission rate, or under CO(2) in gas impermeable aluminium foil laminate. Cuts were stored at +3 or -1·5°C. Vacuum packaged cuts were grossly spoiled by Brochothrix thermosphacta after 2 weeks' storage at 3°C and after 5 weeks at -1·5°C. Cuts packaged under CO(2) were grossly spoiled by B. thermosphacta after 5·5 weeks' storage at 3°C. Growth of B. thermosphacta was suppressed… CONTINUE READING

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