The stereotyped behavior scale: psychometric properties and norms.

  title={The stereotyped behavior scale: psychometric properties and norms.},
  author={Johannes Rojahn and S T Matlock and Marc J Tass{\'e}},
  journal={Research in developmental disabilities},
  volume={21 6},
The Stereotyped Behavior Scale (SBS) is an empirically developed behavior rating scale for adolescents and adults with mental retardation (Rojahn, Tassé & Sturmey, 1997). Since the original publication, one item was deleted and two items were merged, leaving 24 items. In an additional change, severity scales were added to the frequency scales. In this paper, psychometric properties and (relative) norms for the new SBS are presented. In the psychometric study, 45 adults with mental retardation… CONTINUE READING


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