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The steam-valve theory: Terrorism and political efficacy

  title={The steam-valve theory: Terrorism and political efficacy},
  author={Edith Wu},
The Strategic Logic of Environmental Terrorism: Linking Terrorist Ideology to Credit Claiming Behavior
Abstract Terrorist groups’ ideological types are a significant predictor of credit claiming for attacks. Environmental terrorist groups are more likely to claim credit because the attacks serveExpand


Does State Failure Cause Terrorism? An Empirical Analysis (1999–2008)
A developed-world consensus ties state failure to new and serious international insecurity. But that conclusion rests upon an uncertain foundation; insights into the nature and intensity ofExpand
Foundations biography of Aryan Nations
  • Retrieved June 20, 2015, from Church of Jesus Christ Christian:
  • 2015
The Al-Qaeda and the Lashkar-e-Toiba: A Case of Growing Ideological Homogeneity?
Study of ideology is one of the most important domains of consideration for a successful counter-terrorism strategy. It is necessary to know and understand the ideology of a terrorist outfit coupledExpand
Freedom Rising: Human Empowerment and the Quest for Emancipation
This book presents a comprehensive theory of why human freedom gave way to increasing oppression since the invention of states - and why this trend began to reverse itself more recently, leading to aExpand
Neo‐Nazi Nationalism
In an effort to understand how supremacists may respond to future socio-political events, this article examines how White Aryan Resistance (WAR), as a major player in the White Supremacist MovementExpand
Conservative and Right-Wing Movements
In recent years, the right has become a powerful force in many parts of the world. This review focuses primarily on the United States, with comparisons to rightist movements elsewhere. Our focus isExpand
From 'Pirates' to 'Militants': A Historical Perspective on Anti-State and Anti-Oil Company Mobilization Among the Ijaw of Warri, Western Niger Delta
Against the background of recent attempts to explain insurgency in the Niger Delta in the context of the “greed” of militant groups, this article argues that insurgency can best be explained byExpand
Does Democracy Promote or Reduce Transnational Terrorist Incidents?
This article studies the various mechanisms by which democracy affects transnational terrorism. New theoretical mechanisms are identified that either complement or encompass existing arguments.Expand
Understanding Terrorism: Challenges, Perspectives, and Issues
Terrorism: A Conceptual Review Terrorism: First Impressions Chapter Introduction The Past as Prologue: Historical Perspectives on Terrorism First Considerations: Exploring Definitions, Sources, andExpand
This paper aims to demonstrate the efforts towards in-situ applicability of ULTIMATE EMMARM, as to provide real-time information about the physical and social barriers to sustainable development in the developing world. Expand