The status of GEO600

  title={The status of GEO600},
  author={Bernard F. Schutz and Harald Lueck and P. Aufmuth and Oliver Sascha Brozek and Karsten Danzmann and Andreas Freise and Andr{\'e}s Adolfo de Grado and Hartmut Grote and Kasem Mossavi and Volker Quetschke and Benno Willke and Kentaro Kawabe and Albrecht Ruediger and Ruth Schilling and Wilfried M. Winkler and Ch. Zhao and Kenneth A. Strain and Giacomo Cagnoli and Meghan M. Casey and Jemma Hough and Matthew E. Husman and Paul William McNamara and Gill Newton and Michael V Plissi and Neil C. Robertson and Sara C. Rowan and David I. Robertson and Kenneth D Skeldon and Calum I. Torrie and Hjt Ward and Irving Taylor and Bangalore Suryanarayana Sathyaprakash},
GEO600, the German/British gravitational wave detector currently being built in northern Germany, used advanced optical technologies to obtain a sensitivity comparable with the other, bigger detectors currently being built [1,2]. The installation of the ultra-high-vacuum system has almost been completed and the Mode Cleaners are operational. 

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