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The stabilizer subtheory has a unique noncontextual model

  title={The stabilizer subtheory has a unique noncontextual model},
  author={David Schmid and Haoxing Du and John H. Selby and Matthew F Pusey},
We give a complete characterization of the (non)classicality of all stabilizer subtheories. First, we prove that there is a unique nonnegative and diagram-preserving quasiprobability representation of the stabilizer subtheory in all odd dimensions, namely Gross’s discrete Wigner function. This representation is equivalent to Spekkens’ epistemically restricted toy theory, which is consequently singled out as the unique noncontextual ontological model for the stabilizer subtheory. Strikingly, the… 
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This work provides an open-source linear program for testing whether or not any given prepare-measure experiment is classically-explainable in this sense, and generalizes all results to arbitrary generalized probabilistic theories.
Contextuality without incompatibility
John H. Selby, ∗ David Schmid, 3 Elie Wolfe, Ana Belén Sainz, Ravi Kunjwal, and Robert W. Spekkens International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies, University of Gdańsk, 80-308 Gdańsk, Poland