The spread of grapevine trunk disease.

  title={The spread of grapevine trunk disease.},
  author={Christophe Bertsch and Philippe Larignon and Sibylle Farine and Christophe Cl{\'e}ment and Florence Fontaine},
  volume={324 5928},
WE AGREE WITH D. J. CONLEY ET AL. (“CONtrolling eutrophication: Nitrogen and phosphorus,” Policy Forum, 20 February, p. 1014) that there are many compelling reasons for controlling agricultural and industrial sources of nitrogen. In many areas, nitrate and ammonium are now the main pollutants causing damage by acidification and base cation depletion in forests and freshwaters (1). In some areas, nitrate concentrations in drinking water have increased enough to exceed health standards (2… CONTINUE READING

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