The spontaneously diabetic Wistar rat (the “BB” rat)

  title={The spontaneously diabetic Wistar rat (the “BB” rat)},
  author={A. F. Nakhooda and A. A. Like and C. I. Chappel and C. -N. Wei and Errol B. Marliss},
A longitudinal study of 51 weanlings from 5 litters of “BB” Wistar rats was undertaken to characterize the time course of the spontaneous diabetic syndrome. Nine rats developed overt diabetes. An abnormal glucose tolerance preceded the onset of the syndrome in 6 of these 9 rats. No other “clinical” or metabolic variable measured was predictive of the development of this syndrome. In these rats, the onset was remarkably abrupt, followed by rapid clinical deterioration with marked hyperglycaemia… CONTINUE READING


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