The spindle assembly checkpoint: perspectives in tumorigenesis and cancer therapy

  title={The spindle assembly checkpoint: perspectives in tumorigenesis and cancer therapy},
  author={Joana Cerejo {\'A}lvaro Barbosa and Ana Vanessa Nascimento and Juliana Faria and Patr{\'i}cia Andreia Cirne da Silva and Hassan Bousbaa},
  journal={Frontiers in Biology},
Loss or gain of chromosomes, a condition known as aneuploidy, is a common feature of tumor cells and has therefore been proposed as the driving force for tumorigenesis. Such chromosomal instability can arise during mitosis as a result of mis-segregation of the duplicated sister chromatids to the two daughter cells. In normal cells, missegregation is usually prevented by the spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC), a sophisticated surveillance mechanism that inhibits mitotic exit until all chromosomes… CONTINUE READING
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