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The sphaleron rate from Euclidean lattice correlators: an exploration

  title={The sphaleron rate from Euclidean lattice correlators: an exploration},
  author={Luis Altenkort and Alexander M. Eller and O. Kaczmarek and L. Mazur and G. Moore and Hai-Tao Shu},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Lattice},
We show how the sphaleron rate (the Minkowski rate for topological charge diffusion) can be determined by analytical continuation of the Euclidean topological-charge-density two-point function, which we investigate on the lattice, using gradient flow to reduce noise and provide improved operators which more accurately measure topology. We measure the correlators on large, fine lattices in the quenched approximation at $1.5\,T_c$ with high precision. Based on these data we first perform a… Expand

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