The spectrum of neurological manifestations in myeloma.

  title={The spectrum of neurological manifestations in myeloma.},
  author={Judeen Camacho and Francisco F Arnalich and Buenaventura Anciones and Jos{\'e} M. Pe{\~n}a and {\'A}ngel Gil and Francisco J Barbado and Juan Garc{\'i}a Puig and Juan Jos{\'e} V{\'a}zquez},
  journal={Journal of medicine},
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Thirty-two patients with myelomatosis (3 with a solitary plasmocytoma and 29 with multiple myeloma) and neurological complications, from a group of 110 unselected patients with myelomatous disease were recorded. Spinal cord compression was the most frequent complication seen in 12 cases. In 9 subjects, it was the presenting symptom, and in 11 cases was caused by extradural plasmocytoma of the thoracic spine. Early decompressive laminectomy was curative in 3 cases, but in the rest, delay in… CONTINUE READING