The spectrum of neurologic disease associated with anti-GM1 antibodies.

  title={The spectrum of neurologic disease associated with anti-GM1 antibodies.},
  author={Saud Ahmed Sadiq and Florian Patrick Thomas and Kostas Kilidireas and S Protopsaltis and Arthur P. Hays and K. W. Lee and Stavra N Romas and Neeraj Kumar and Leonard van den Berg and Margherita Santoro},
  volume={40 7},
We compared anti-GM1 IgM antibody titers in patients with various neurologic diseases and in normal subjects. We found increased titers in patients with lower motor neuron disease, sensorimotor neuropathy, or motor neuropathy with or without multifocal conduction block. In patients with other diseases, titers are similar to those in normal individuals, suggesting that anti-GM1 antibody levels are not increased nonspecifically after neural injury or inflammatory diseases. Anti-GM1 antibodies in… CONTINUE READING
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