The spectrum of metametaphysics

  title={The spectrum of metametaphysics},
  author={Jonas Rafael Becker Arenhart and Raoni Wohnrath Arroyo},
  journal={Veritas (Porto Alegre)},
Scientific realism is typically associated with metaphysics. One current incarnation of such an association concerns the requirement of a metaphysical characterization of the entities one is being a realist about. This is sometimes called “Chakravartty’s Challenge”, and codifies the claim that without a metaphysical characterization, one does not have a clear picture of the realistic commitments one is engaged with. The required connection between metaphysics and science naturally raises the… 

The epistemic value of metaphysics

It is sometimes argued that, given its detachment from our current most successful science, analytic metaphysics has no epistemic value because it contributes nothing to our knowledge of reality.

The Powers of Quantum Mechanics: A Metametaphysical Discussion of the “Logos Approach”

This paper presents and critically discusses the “logos approach to quantum mechanics” from the point of view of the current debates concerning the relation between metaphysics and science. Due to



Physics, metaphysics, dispositions, and symmetries - À la French.

Does Science License Metaphysics?

Naturalized metaphysicians defend the thesis that science licenses metaphysics, such that only metaphysical results based on the best science are legitimate. This view is problematic, due to the fact

Right out of the box: how to situate metaphysics of science in relation to other metaphysical approaches

It is shown that the current metaphysical battlefield is richer and more complex than a simple dichotomy between “metaphysics of science” and “traditional metaphysics”, and that it should instead be understood as a three dimensional “box”.

Rethinking Outside the Toolbox: Reflecting Again on the Relationship between Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics.

In a recent work, ‘Thinking Outside the Toolbox’, we mounted a qualified defence of analytic metaphysics in the face of ardent criticism . While sympathizing with other philosophers of science in

The rationality of metaphysics

In this paper, it is argued that metaphysics, conceived as an inquiry into the ultimate nature of mind-independent reality, is a rationally indispensable intellectual discipline, with the a priori

Defending eliminative structuralism and a whole lot more (or less).

  • S. French
  • Philosophy
    Studies in history and philosophy of science
  • 2019

Moderately naturalistic metaphysics

It is argued that such a sophisticated form of naturalism, which preserves the autonomy of metaphysics as an a priori enterprise yet pays due attention to the indications coming from the authors' best science, is not only workable but recommended.

Keep the chickens cooped: the epistemic inadequacy of free range metaphysics

Since free range metaphysics yields clarity-conducive techniques, incubates science, and produces conceptual and formal tools useful for scientifically engaged philosophy, it is recommended that it not be taken to have fully satisfactory epistemic credentials over and above its pragmatic ones.

Between Physics and Metaphysics: A Discussion of the Status of Mind in Quantum Mechanics

We discuss the ‘Consciousness Causes Collapse Hypothesis’ (CCCH), the interpretation of quantum mechanics according to which consciousness solves the measurement problem. At first, it seems that the

How metaphysics is special: comments on Bennett

Karen Bennett argues that there is no distinct problem with metaphysics, and she proposes a disjunctive conception of the subject matter of metaphysics. This paper critically examines her arguments