The species of uromyces on the tribe paniceae


This is one of a series of papers (CUMMINS, 1953; HENNEN & CUMMINS, 1956; GREENE & CUMMINS, 1958) that present taxonomic revisions of the rust fungi of the Gramineae of the world. Herein, we recognize nine species, of which two are circumglobal, two are known only from the subcontinent of India-Pakistan, four are American, and one ranges from the Mediterranean east to Japan. All of the specimens examined are cited for most of the species but when numerous, as in Uromyces setariae-italicae we cite only enough to substantiate the hosts and the geographical distribution. For the genera of the Paniceae we have followed PILGER (1954) and POTZTAL (1956), but have listed hosts, such as species of Melinis of the tribe Melinideae, when they are parasitized by a rust fungus that also parasitizes the Paniceae proper. Species names and authorities follow the usage of the above works, together with that of PILGER (19zt0), HENRARD (1950), HITCtlCOCK (Rev. CHASE, 1951), and BOR (1960).

DOI: 10.1007/BF02049014

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