The species concept and its application to tailed phages

  title={The species concept and its application to tailed phages},
  author={Holger Ackermann and Michael S. Dubow and Audrey W. Jarvis and L. A. Jones and Victor N. Krylov and Jack Maniloff and Jocelyne R Rocourt and R. S. Safferman and Jessica Schneider and Lucy Seldin and T. Sozzi and Peter R. Stewart and Michel Werquin and Lothar Wuensche},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
A recently proposed polythetic definition of virus species appears easily applicable to bacteriophages. Criteria for classification of tailed phages are evaluated. Morphology, DNA homology, and serology are the most important criteria for delineation of species, but no single criterion is satisfactory. Dot-blot hybridization and seroneutralization may suggest false relationships by detecting common sequences in the DNA of otherwise unrelated phages. Species of tailed phages can be defined by a… CONTINUE READING