The soul of the virtual machine

  title={The soul of the virtual machine},
  author={William W. McMillan},
  journal={IEEE Spectrum},
Java's ability to run on many different kinds of computers grew out of software devised decades before - The enduring appeal of Java isn't hard to understand: With Java, you write code once and it can run on almost any modern computer or operating system-PC or Mac, Windows, Linux, OS X, whatever. It works that way because the Java compiler turns the source code into a kind of ersatz machine code that each of these different systems can execute when equipped with the proper run-time software. So… 
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The varied careers of Kenneth L. Bowles
In the course of pushing the bounds of early computers, Kenneth L. Bowles became passionate about moving computing off of large mainframes and onto small but powerful individual computers, and in 1974 began development of UCSD Pascal, the project for which he is best known.