The solution structure of the hairpin formed by d(TCTCTC-TTT-GAGAGA).

  title={The solution structure of the hairpin formed by d(TCTCTC-TTT-GAGAGA).},
  author={Margret M. W. Mooren and David E. Pulleyblank and Sybren S. Wijmenga and F J van de Ven and Cornelis W. Hilbers},
  volume={33 23},
The 15-residue oligonucleotide d(TCTCTC-TTT-GAGAGA) forms a hairpin structure with a loop of three thymidine residues at neutral pH or above. The three-dimensional solution structure of this oligonucleotide has been determined by means of two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance methods. Interproton distance constraints derived from NOEs, in combination with torsion angle constraints obtained from J-coupling constants were used in the variable target function program DIANA to derive the… CONTINUE READING