The solute carrier SLC35F2 enables YM155-mediated DNA damage toxicity.

  title={The solute carrier SLC35F2 enables YM155-mediated DNA damage toxicity.},
  author={Georg E Winter and Branka Radic and Cristina Mayor-Ruiz and Vincent A Blomen and Claudia Trefzer and Richard Kumaran Kandasamy and Kilian V M Huber and Manuela Gridling and Doris Chen and Thorsten Klampfl and Robert Kralovics and Stefan Kubicek and Oscar Fern{\'a}ndez-Capetillo and Thijn R Brummelkamp and Giulio Superti-Furga},
  journal={Nature chemical biology},
  volume={10 9},
Genotoxic chemotherapy is the most common cancer treatment strategy. However, its untargeted generic DNA-damaging nature and associated systemic cytotoxicity greatly limit its therapeutic applications. Here, we used a haploid genetic screen in human cells to discover an absolute dependency of the clinically evaluated anticancer compound YM155 on solute carrier family member 35 F2 (SLC35F2), an uncharacterized member of the solute carrier protein family that is highly expressed in a variety of… CONTINUE READING
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