The soldier mandibles of the Nasutitermitinæ (Isoptera, Termitidæ)

  title={The soldier mandibles of the Nasutitermitin{\ae} (Isoptera, Termitid{\ae})},
  author={W. A. Sands M. Sc.},
  journal={Insectes Sociaux},
The mandibles of the soldier caste of termites of the subfamily Nasutitermitinae show considerable modification and reduction corresponding with the development of the nasus as an alternative means of defence. The form of the soldier mandibles was used as a basis for classification by t I ,aE (1937), and to a lesser degree by HOLMGREN (19ti-1912) and At~M~D (1950). The purpose of this studyhas been to investigate further the value of soldier mandibles in the taxonomy of the Nasutitermitinae and… CONTINUE READING


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